About us

“My dog is a member of my family”


Every morning I wake up with my dog who wags me and one day I told myself  <<We produce top mattresses for more than twenty years for all families and for every need … Why not make a mattress for our tail-waggers? >>

Dogly Wellness is a brand that comes from the thirty-year experience of our company that produces excellence for the well-being of the family.

We were the first with teleshopping in 1981 and since then, from generation to generation, we have continued to invest in products of the highest quality “Made in Italy”. Research, development and innovation have always been the cornerstones of our corporate strategy. Everyone’s well-being is our mission.

After extensive research, use of patents and tests with several dogs, we have developed a mattress worthy of being called that; not a simple pillow for dogs that can be purchased anywhere, we created Dogly Mattress: design, comfort, wellness, health and excellence.