The luxury memory foam mattress directly to your door.

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The exclusive layer structure makes Dogly the ONLY memory foam mattress designed for dog’s wellness

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Try it at home– you have 30 days to decide if your dog likes Dogly’s mattress. If you are not 100% satisfied,  we take the mattress back and return you the total cost of the product*. Anyway, we are sure that if you try it, you want to keep it.

(*Return shipment fees apply)

Canvas outside shell fabric

Canvas fabric is made for long-lasting and designed to obtain the maximum igenic level.

The durable and resistant canvas is the same used to make sails, tents, marquees and other objects for which solidity and impermeability are needed.

Celliant Shell filling

CELLIANT is a therapeutic fiber that interacting with the dog’s body increases oxygen levels, boosts physical strength and energy, thus accelerating muscle recovery.

The textile fiber CELLIANT is the result of a potent mix of 13 thermo-reactive minerals that, creating a special Bio Ceramic powder, along with polyester and Nylon fibers, absorbs the biological infrared released from the dog and radiates them back to the body, thus returning, while sleeping, the energy consumed.

Is medically recognized for having positive effects on the body:  reduces articular and arthritic pain and increases blood oxygen levels thus lowering pain and inflammation and accelerating the healing process.

The use of Celliant in good health keeps your dog’s body agile from young to advanced age.Minerals embedded directly into the fiber never lose its properties even after washing. To find out more about this fiber you can consult the following link:


Further shell filling in RESISTAT

The composition of carbon and cooper fibers, create a barrier against electromagnetic pollution and electrostatic charges that invade domestic environments today.

Sleeping on a mattress made of RESISTAT fabric with carbon fiber allows our pet to discharge the accumulated electrostatic charge thus having a deeper and more restorative sleep.

Animals, unlike humans, are able to perceive such radiation and a shielding cushion/kennel improves their rest and lifestyle considerably.

The RESISTAT, together with the copper fibers, forms a particular filament that comes from the highest technology and research in aerospace and medical fields to eliminate the serious problems caused by excesses of electrostatic charges. Due to its particular electrical properties, the fiber generates the dissipation of excess electrostatic charges and therefore a rebalancing of the same, shielding the body that rests on this fiber from harmful radiation.

Shell internal filling in SILBER

A fabric composed of cotton and silver that is notoriously a powerful germicide and promotes protection against mites, molds, bacteria and their allergens.

  • Therapeutic, natural anti-odour, regulates temperature, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antistatic.

External coating: 3D System

The three-dimensional perimeter transpirant band improves air circulation inside the shell keeping the mattress dry.

The 3D system allows the mattress to breathe, not generate mold, always be dry and keep your dog’s body temperature stable, allowing a healthy rest.

Memory Foam Layer

Memory Foam is the perfect support to help your dog get up easily and maintain a comfortable and correct posture during their rest.

The Memory Foam ensures the best support, a perfect and pleasant feeling of body wrapping, eliminates all points of non-adherence or excessive pressure, ensuring a perfectly ergonomic rest.